ASSP Deluxe for cPanel
all-in-one solution for email security
ASSP Deluxe for cPanel main goals
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  • Install, run and configure ASSP cPanel antispam in an easy way.
  • ASSP targets SPAM and blocks it before it gets in your inbox ; antispam sensibility fully customizable per domain/email .
  • Reduce false positives to near zero.
  • Set it and forget it. ASSP is simple to use once you have setup. Once set up, ASSP is easy to use. Email antispam provides zero-day protection against new attackers, whether spam or dictionary attacks.
  • High end spambox features, never lose a false positive in ASSP professional spam filter .
  • ASSP 1.x minimal hardware requirements, much less than any other spam solution for cPanel. ASSP uses a unique Perl daemon to process all SMTP connections.
  • Minimal administration, as common anti-spam tasks such as whitelisting and spam/not spam reporting are delegated to the end user.
  • It supports  ASSP 1.x and ASSP 2.x multithread.
  • ASSP is available as an anti-spam plugin for cPanel, giving users the same power and protection used by professional anti-spam IT. Target and remove spam before it reaches your inbox.
ASSP Deluxe for cPanel : user features
grscripts ASSP Deluxe for cPanel antispam
  • Enable/disable spam filters per domain/subdomain
  • Detailed spam log
    • Local addresses checks, Delaying, Antivirus, ASSP SCORING MODE .
  • Advanced spambox plugin
    • spam pop3 collection per domain
    • spam imap collection per email
    • spam collection on forwarders
    • spam collection on default email
    • possibility to read spam using the cPanel way (adding /spam to pop3 email)
    • Each spambox feature is configurable by the user using the ASSP Deluxe for cPanel frontend.
    • Automatic spambox cleaning after n days and/or if the email account is greater then n Kbytes.
  • User Anti SPAM sensibility configurable per domain/subdomain ( per email using ASSP web interface ) .
  • Daily spam reports . Daily email report sent to each user ( fully configurable by the user )
  • Supported language packs
  • Automatic language switch based on current cPanel language.
  • SPAM email releases to user INBOX
  • Help sections.
  • ASSP spam and notspam reporting
ASSP Deluxe for cPanel : admin features
professional antispam
  • ASSP 1.9.x and 2.x supported
  • Automatic or manual ASSP Deluxe upgrades
  • Advanced error control and reporting
  • All cPanel versions supported . EOL (End of Life) cPanel versions may not be supported .
  • Daily spam reports. Daily email report sent to each user (fully configurable)
  • Enable/disable Daily spam reports per domain
  • High end spambox plugin
  • ASSP SSL (ASSP v1 and v2) and SNI/SSL (ASSP v2)
  • Enable/disable spambox collection per domain
  • Set spambox default (on/off) for new accounts
  • Set daily reports default (on/off) for new accounts
  • Language customization for ASSP Deluxe cPanel frontend
  • Global postmaster@ and abuse@ email addresses
  • ASSP Deluxe for cPanel frontend installation /uninstallation. Fully supported cPanel skins
    • x ,x2 ,x3, Paper lantern
    • RvSkin
  • DOM FILTER STATUS ; enable/disable spam filter server wide
  • DEFAULT SETTINGS ; set default SPAM filters status for new accounts
  • Set filter status per reseller
  • Sorting capabilities ( per user, domain , owner , plan)
  • Manual or automatic rebuild of Bayesian and HMM spam database
  • ASSP Watchdog
  • ASSP SCORING MODE. Scoring mode significantly increases spam detection and reduces false positives.
  • Allow/disallow users to enable/disable ASSP SCORING MODE
  • ASSP STATUS CHART : ASSP and server status graphical charts .
  • Pyzor, Razor and DCC (ASSP v2).
  • SPAM ANALYZER. Read and analyze ASSP Bayesian/HMM spam collections. Release SPAM email to user inbox.
  • Automatic daily backup of latest 30 assp.cfg in /usr/local/assp/backup_cfg
  • ASSP log /usr/local/assp/maillog.txt
  • EXIM queue finder to easly track and stop outgoing spammers.
  • SPAMBOX finder . User spamboxes false positivies release : whitelist senders
  • NOTSPAM and OKMAIL ANALYZER. Read and analyze ASSP Bayesian and HMM notspam email.
  • Start and stop ASSP using a web interface.
  • ASSP DOMAIN CONFIG ; enable/disable spam filters per domain
  • ASSP log analyzer . Analyze ASSP log file using a web interface cpanel plugins .
  • Automatic setup for accounts using a remote MX
  • Secondary /home locations (i.e. /home2) supported . 
  • tracking email abusers using find_abusers.php cron
  • SPAM activity detector : email warnings to report possible outgoing SPAM activity
  • Unofficial clamD signatures to block spam/virus/malware. Currently 31 Unofficial signatures are supported and updated daily
  • Automatic updates for ASSP WHM and ASSP Deluxe
  • Total control against spammer...countless antispam high end features using the ASSP Web Interface
  • Use any number of Realtime Blackhole Lists, spamtrap, unprocessed email, whitelisting, blacklists, redlists, email interface (reporting), relaying control, virus notifications, attachment control, block email dictionary attacks, email bombers, virus email , block spoofing , stop relayers, stop forged HELO , limit rcpt for local and remote senders , limit attachment size for local and remote senders, limit connection settings, DMARC validation and reporting, Pyzor, Razor, DCC, plugin section and more.
ASSP antispam