ASSP Deluxe for cPanel : ASSP uninstallation HOW TO

If you need to uninstall fully ASSP please follow these steps. Open your ASSP WHM INTERFACE SSL MENU and set OFF TLS as shown below .

set SSL disabled Now disable and stop your ASSP using these steps . Now open cPanel WHM Service Configuration EXIM configuration manager , click the Reset tab and select " Reset the entire EXIM configuration to the default settings provided with cPanel & WHM", select "Disable third-party and custom ACLs" and click "Reset" as shown below. 

reset EXIM to default
Now go to console and execute this

Once completed execute the command below to edit your cronjobs

and remove all /usr/local/assp/deluxe cronjobs . Save your cron list.

Now only if you want restore the old exim.conf you was using before installing ASSP execute this Now upgrade your cPanel Now ASSP should be uninstalled correctly. Now if you want you can activate cPanel Spamassassin and set the SMTP alternative ports using cPanel WHM Service Configuration Service manager . Be sure to enable cPanel Spamassassin also in cPanel WHM Server Configuration Tweak Settings Mail Tab .