.ASSP 1.x and 2.x ,WHM interface 8, ASSP Deluxe 8 & Frontend available (changelog)  


HMM, Bayesian and outgoing SPAM warnings  . ASSP 1.x and 2.x supported !
  Frontend 9 configure antispam sensibility per domain, improved help/log sections.
  ASSP Deluxe supports 31 unofficial clamD signatures to block spam/virus/malware (info)

ASSP 1.x and 2.x supported


ASSP can stop unsolicited email and virus at the SMTP server.

ASSP Deluxe for cPanel is an ASSP frontend for cPanel officially supported by Fritz Borgstedt, ASSP developer . ASSP Deluxe for cPanel was the first project which permitted to install and use ASSP in a cPanel server since December 2006. Currently ASSP Deluxe for cPanel is used on over one thousand cPanel servers while ASSP is running in about 16000 hosts worldwide ( Global Stats ). ASSP includes RBL, Bayesian filter, HMM*, DCC*, Razor2*, Dkim*, HELO, SPF, PTR, MX & A record checks, an advanced Penalty box, Delaying/Greylisting , URIBL , BombRe, automatic and personal whitelisting/blacklist,  SPAM Scoring mode, Sender base checks, Country check, antivirus integration, SPAM reports, high end spambox collection, nospam tags, SMTP connection limits (out/in), attachments size limits, a secured password protected ASSP Web Interface with countless configurable settings.  *ASSP 2.x only



ASSP Deluxe for cPanel permits you to use/install/configure ASSP (1.x and 2.x versions) in your cPanel server in an easy way ; it includes a cPanel Web interface for your cPanel users with detailed logs , language packs, and an advanced WHM interface.


ASSP Deluxe for cPanel main goals

  • Install, run and configure ASSP Deluxe anti spam for cPanel in an easy way.
  • ASSP targets spam and removes it before it gets in your inbox ; antispam sensibility fully customizable also per domain/email .
  • Reduce near to zero false positives.
  • Set it and forget it.
  • High end spambox features, no risk to lose a blocked email.
  • Minimal hardware requirements using ASSP 1.x, much less than any other spam solution for cPanel. Definitely forget all your spamassassin load problems in your cPanel, ASSP uses a unique perl daemon to process SMTP connections. You can install ASSP Deluxe for cPanel in your VPS too.
  • Minimal administration work, relaying to the end user common antispam tasks, such as whitelisting, and spam/not spam reporting.
  • Support for ASSP 1.x and ASSP 2.x multithread.


ASSP Deluxe for cPanel features
(user frontend)

  • enable/disable spam filters per domain/subdomain
  • detailed spam log
    • Local addresses checks, Delaying, Antivirus, ASSP SCORING MODE .

  • Advanced spambox plugin
    • spam pop3 collection per domain
    • spam imap collection per email
    • spam collection on forwarders
    • spam collection on default email
    • Integrated help for Webmail
    • possibility to read spam using the cPanel way (adding /spam to pop3 email)
    • Each spambox feature is configurable by the user using the ASSP Deluxe for cPanel frontend.
    • Automatic cleaning of spamboxes after n days and/or if the email account is greater then n kbytes.
  • ASSP spam and notspam reporting supported with integrated help
  • NEW  : spam setting level configurable per domain/subdomain (also per email using ASSP web interface) .
  • NEW : improved help and log pages.
  • Daily spam reports . Daily email report sent to each user (fully configurable by the user)
  • Supported language packs
  • Automatic language switch based on current cPanel or RvSkin language.
  • As alternative spam messages can be read also using the ASSP scoring log pages. 

  • spam messages can be released to the user INBOX
  • spfdomainkey.php ; script to install/uninstall serverwide spf and/or domain keys.

ASSP Deluxe for cPanel features
(ASSP WHM and admin features)

  • ASSP 1.9.x and 2.x supported
  • fast and easy upgrades when available using the WHM ASSP interface .
  • Advanced error control
  • All cPanel versions supported, included cPanel 76 and 78 . EOL cPanel versions could not be fully supported .
  • Daily spam reports . Daily email report sent to each user (fully configurable)
  • Enable/disable Daily spam reports per domain
  • High end spambox plugin
  • SNI/SSL ( ASSP v2 )
  • Enable/disable spambox collection per domain
  • Set spambox default for new accounts
  • Set daily reports default for new accounts
  • Language customization for ASSP Deluxe cPanel frontend
  • Global postmaster@ and abuse@ email addresses
  • ASSP Deluxe for cPanel frontend installation ,uninstallation and upgrade over any cPanel skin . Fully supported cPanel skins
    • x ,x2 ,x3, paper_lantern
    • xmail, x3mail, moonson, bluelagoon
    • RvSkin and rvneo
    • Xcontroller
  • DOM FILTER STATUS ; enable/disable filter server wide
  • DEFAULT SETTINGS ; set spam defult filters for new hosting account
  • Set filter status per reseller
  • Sorting capabilities (per user, domain , owner , plan)
  • SMTP authentication ON/OFF
  • You can rebuild the bayesian spam database using ASSP WHM
  • 2 different ways to monitor ASSP with automatic restarts
  • upgrade, repair ASSP Deluxe
  • upgrade, repair ASSP Deluxe frontend
  • upgrade, repair ASSP WHM
  • find_abusers.php ; advanced script to get useful statistical information and to create a bad ip collection (alternative to PB extreme)
  • smtp SSL on port 465 supported
  • turn SMTP authentication ON/OFF
  • ASSP SCORING MODE. You can switch from "Scoring mode" to "Not scoring mode" with a single click. Scoring model significantly increases spam detection and reduce false positives at the same time .
  • Allow/disallow users to enable/disable ASSP SCORING MODE
  • ASSP STATUS CHART  real time graphical charts of assp and server status
  • SPAM ANALYZER. Read/move and analyze ASSP bayesian spam and release spam messages to user inbox. 
  • Automatic daily backup of latest 30 assp.cfg in /usr/local/assp/backup_cfg
  • Real time ASSP log
  • Email EXIM queue finder to easly track and stop outgoing spammers .
  • SPAMBOX finder . You can read the spambox of your email customers, release blocked email , whitelist sender.
  • NOTSPAM ANALYZER. Read/move and analyze ASSP bayesian notspam.
  • start and stop ASSP
  • ASSP DOMAIN CONFIG ; enable/disable spam filters per domain
  • email domain forwarders supported
  • ASSP log analyzer . Advanced tools to analyze ASSP log file simply using WHM
  • cpu, ASSP , and server load
  • open the ASSP Web interface
  • clean latest 24 hours exim queue
  • upgrade, repair ASSP ( with automatic backup and automatic configuration )
  • Automatic setup for accounts using a remote
  • Automatically fix PB extreme problems related with local users and whitelisted email
  • Secondary /home location (i.e. /home2) automatically detected and supported  
  • find email abusers easly with find_abusers.php.
  • always updated FAQs
  • ASSP Deluxe for cPanel scripts are compatible with php register_global off and ready to php 6
  • SCORE SETTINGS configurator
  • SPAM activity detector , to detect as possible, huge SPAM activity which is exiting from your server using a script (perl,php..other).
  • Automatic free up of cpu/ram ASSP resources
  • Unofficial clamD signatures to block spam/virus/malware.Currently 31 Unofficial signatures are supported and updated daily ( more info )
  • ASSP SSL . Enable or disable ASSP SSL instantly  (details) .
  • Automatic updates for ASSP WHM and ASSP Deluxe (details) .
  • ...countless antispam high end features inside the ASSP Web Interface
    • Use any number of Realtime Blackhole Lists , spamtrap, unprocessed email, whitelisting, blacklists,  redlists, email interface (reporting),   relaying control, virus notifications, attachment control... you have total control against spammer , block email dictionary attacks, email bombers, virus email , block spoofing , stop relayers, stop forged HELO , limit rcpt for local and remote senders , limit attachment size for local and remote senders, limit connection settings...





ASSP Deluxe for cPanel

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